Break out the yoga mat: Brock fitness challenge starts Monday

The Brock Wellness Committee kicks off its fitness challenge Monday.

The Brock Wellness Committee kicks off its fitness challenge Monday.

You made a new year’s resolution to get fit.

Now, just as the wheels may be falling off those plans to get off the couch more often, Brock’s Wellness Committee has stepped in with something to keep motivation high.

The committee’s annual fitness challenge kicks off Monday, promising points, glory and, let’s not forget, improved health with every activity faculty and staff do that raises their heart rates until June.

The good news is no participant has to go it alone in their efforts to get fit. Those up to the challenge form a team with their department co-workers, designate a team captain and accumulate points for the time each person spends doing a physical activity.

Registered teams will receive a calendar to record how much time participants spend exercising. Activities can be cumulative and happen on or off campus. Just remember: it’s about the time spent getting in shape, not the intensity of the activity.

Each month, team captains send the number of their team’s points to the wellness committee to be tallied by ratio based on the number of employees participating. Totals will be posted to the Brock Wellness Facebook page.

Fear not. Teams can always add more muscle as the months progress. New members can join after the challenge starts.

Last year, 16 teams with 200 members took part in the challenge and racked up 16,000 hours of walking, jogging, swimming and other activity.

This year, teams will be given bonus points for being active more than three times per week, attendance at activity information sessions and initiatives that contribute to the team concept — if you’ve got a catchy name, use it.

For extra incentive, a prize will be given each month to a lucky participant.

So lace up those running shoes, dig out that swim cap or hit ‘play’ on the Sweatin’ to the Oldies DVD and register for the fitness challenge by emailing or

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  1. Samantha Ricottone says:

    hey there,
    is it too late to sign up for this challenge?

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