Video Grad spotlight: 21st century explorer Adam Shoalts (BA ’09)

Explorer Adam Shoalts

Explorer Adam Shoalts

Think the whole world has been explored already? Think again.

“It’s certainly true that the whole world has been mapped, but it actually hasn’t all been explored,” says Adam Shoalts, writer, wilderness explorer, public speaker and Brock alumnus (BA ’09).

Graduating at the top of his class from Brock University with a BA in History, Shoalts has become an expert on the history of exploring. Shoalts’s love of adventure, intellectual curiosity, and strong grounding in history has helped him to become a successful explorer.

Shoalts’s most recent major expedition was in August 2011, where he went deep into the Hudson Bay Lowlands. The 23-day expedition — sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society — explored a nameless river roughly 100 km long that no recorded expedition had explored before.

In this video interview, Shoalts tells us about his expedition into the Hudson Bay Lowlands, his book Sense of Adventure, where he liked to hang out at Brock, and lots more.

Want to learn even more about the life of an explorer?

In this “bonus questions” video, Shoalts gives advice for aspiring explorers, shares three of his Canadian explorer heroes, and tells us where he has explored in the Niagara region.

Shoalts will be participating in an upcoming history alumni panel at Brock on March 22, 2012. Brock’s History Department has partnered with Mentorship Plus to offer mentoring and guidance to the next generation of history graduates. The panel will speak to a first-year History class of 40 students.

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