Brock thanks supporters one at a time

Brock University donor, Arthur Bicknell (BSc '71) with scholarship recipient, Vincenzo Coia (BSc '11)

Brock donor, Arthur Bicknell (BSc '71) with scholarship recipient, Vincenzo Coia (BSc '11)

In honour of National Philanthropy Day today, more than 3,000 Brock supporters will receive a thank-you call from the University.

Celebrated around the world on Nov. 15, National Philanthropy Day recognizes and pays tribute to the valuable contributions that philanthropy has made to our lives, our communities and our world.

Students from Brock University’s Annual Fund — the office responsible for connecting with students, alumni, parents, as well as faculty and staff donors — will be phoning 3,031 individual donors today to personally thank them for their support of the University and its $75-million Campaign for a Bold New Brock.

One such donor to receive a phone call is Arthur Bicknell (BSc ’71). Bicknell attended Brock in 1967 and graduated with first class standing in 1971 with a BSc in Mathematics.

Although Bicknell will receive a thank-you call for his support of Brock’s student awards program, he is equally thankful of the philanthropic support he received as a student.

Bicknell’s family could not afford the cost of a university education. And to make matters worse, during his second year of studies, Bicknell’s father passed away, leaving his mother to support Bicknell on her own. But thanks to a bursary he received from Brock’s student awards program in his first year, and the generous donors who supported it, he was able to continue his studies at Brock.

“I owe a lot to Brock University[’s student awards program],” says Bicknell. “If it wasn’t for that bursary, I wouldn’t have been able to attend university, earn a degree and a secure a well-paying job as an actuary for 35 years. My whole life is a result of this support.”

In 1983, as a way to pay back the generosity he received as a student, Bicknell responded to an Annual Fund mailer and made his first of many annual donations to the University.

Six years ago, Bicknell created the Art Bicknell Scholarship in Mathematics. The first scholarship was presented last year to Vincenzo Coia (BSc ’11), who also received the Mathematics and Science Dean’s Medal at Convocation this past June.

Bicknell learned first-hand the impact of his philanthropy when he met the student recipient and his family at last year’s annual Mathematics and Science Student Awards Assembly.

“When I introduced myself to Vincenzo and his family, they were extremely thankful and appreciative,” said Bicknell.

Today more than 125 communities and 50,000 people around the world will participate in National Philanthropy Day events and celebrations. Outstanding donors like Arthur Bicknell, as well as volunteers, corporations, foundations, small businesses and youth in philanthropy will be honoured and recognized for their efforts to improve their communities.

In addition to donors to the Campaign for a Bold New Brock, the University would also like to extend appreciation to faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and friends who support community organizations on and off campus through their time, treasure or talent.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals and hundreds of other non- and for-profit organizations throughout North America support National Philanthropy Day.

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