Job board simplifies search for students, employers

Student Melanie Capac uses Career Zone.

Student Melanie Capac uses Career Zone.

Students and employers have it a little easier now that Brock’s job board activity has consolidated into one easy-to-use resource – the Career Zone.

In the past, students looking for jobs had to go to three different job boards. So did employers. The choices were the Career Services job board, the Co-Op programs job board and the Faculty of Business job board, said Cara Boese, a Co-Op senior relationships manager.

Now there is one portal to access all three. That makes life easier for more than 7,000 employers who post student jobs, and for the thousands of students searching for them, Boese said.

“This is the best thing for students,” Boese said. “It’s a more intuitive system. It’s really easy to use, and it gives visibility to all of the areas.”

The new site,, launched on Aug. 16. Students tested it before the launch.

The site enables students to book appointments and choose interview times. They can manage their interview schedules and see a listing of events and workshops across campus. They can also upload documents such as resumes, cover letters and transcripts.

Melanie Capac, a third-year Psychology student, likes the more modern version.

“It’s a lot easier than the old system,” she said. “It’s more organized and more efficient.”

In addition to being “one-stop shopping,” Career Zone acts as a communications tool because news and events are posted there, said Lisa Kuiper, employer development co-ordinator with Career Services.

“This assists them with the career information they need to know.”

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