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Rebecca Raby has co-edited the book Power and Everyday Practices, published by Nelson Education (2012).

The associate professor of Child and Youth Studies edited the second-year sociological textbook with Deborah Brock and Mark P. Thomas.

The textbook includes the following chapters written by Brock faculty:

Chapter 1 — “Unpacking the Centre” by Deborah Brock, Rebecca Raby and Mark P. Thomas, pp. 2-10.

Chapter 7 — “Age: Decentring Adulthood” by Rebecca Raby, pp. 133-156.

Chapter 10 — “Going Shopping: The Politics of Everyday Consumption” by Dennis Soron, pp. 203-222.

Chapter 11 — “Financial Fitness: The Political and Cultural Economy of Finance” by Mary Beth Raddon (Sociology), pp. 223-246.

Chapter 12 — “The Imaginary Indian: Unpacking the Romance of Domination” by Margot Francis (Women’s Studies)


Other publications:

Charles Burton. (2011). “The Canadian Policy Context of Canada’s China Policy” in Huhua Cao and Vivienne Poy, eds. The China Challenge: Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century, University of Ottawa Press, pp. 32-46.

Conley, Tim. (2010). “‘Whole Only Holes Tied Together’: Joyce and the Paradox of Summary.” James Joyce Quarterly 47.2: pp. 231-45.

Conley, Tim. (2010). “‘Hive of Words’: The Transnational Poetics of the Eiffel Tower.” Modernism/Modernity 17.4: pp. 765-77.

Earl, L., Volante, L., and Katz, S. (2011). “Unleashing the promise of assessment for learning.” Education Canada, 51(3), pp. 17-20.

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