Faculty of Business seeks 10th Distinguished Graduate

2010 Distinguished Graduate, Kristian Knibutat (BAdmin '86)

2010 Faculty of Business Distinguished Graduate, Kristian Knibutat (BAdmin '86) with Philip Kitchen, Dean, Faculty of Business

Since 2002, the Faculty of Business has named nine outstanding individuals as recipients of the annual Distinguished Graduate Award, which is presented at a special reception each fall. Over the years, we’ve honoured CEOs of major organizations, entrepreneurs, partners in law and accounting firms and an academic. Although they have all taken different paths in their careers, their first steps toward success were taken at Brock.

Who would you like to see as our 10th recipient?  If you know of an outstanding individual who graduated from the business program more than five years ago, and you would like to nominate him or her, please let us know. The rules are simple:

  1. They must have graduated from Brock with a BAdmin, BAcc, BBA, MAcc or MBA degree.
  2. They must have five years postgraduate experience.
  3. They must demonstrate outstanding achievements at either the professional, educational, community, volunteer or entrepreneurial level.
  4. Current Brock faculty and staff are excluded.

If you know of someone, or you would like to nominate yourself, just send a letter outlining the nominee’s achievements supported by two additional letters and/or newspaper clippings, resume, award information, journal articles, etc. All nominations will be accepted until the end of July every year. A committee consisting of the dean, associate deans, chairs of each department and two graduates of the Faculty of Business will select the recipient who will be announced in the fall.

If you have any questions, or would like to forward a nomination package, please contact Susan LeBlanc at sleblanc@brocku.ca or 905-688-5550 x4688.

The names of the past recipients of the Faculty of Business Distinguished Graduate Award are listed below.  For information on each of these individuals, please go to: brocku.ca/business/alumni/graduates

Doug Wilkinson (BBA ’91)
Partner, Deloitte LLP

Debi Rosati (BAdmin ’84)
President, RosatiNet inc.

Paul Ingram (BBA ’90)
Professor of Management, Columbia University

Debbie Sevenpifer (BAdmin ’87)
CEO Niagara Health System

Stephen Young (BBA ’91)
Managing director of Accounting Policy, Citigroup’s Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB)

Jim Ryan (BAdmin ’84)
CEO PartyGaming

John Zoccoli (BAdmin ’86)
Tim Hortons franchisee

James MacLellan (BAdmin ’87)
Partner, Borden Ladner Gervias LLP

Kristian Knibutat (BAdmin ’86)
Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

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