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Experiential Learning Opportunities at Brock University  
I. Overview of Experiential Learning at Brock Go to top of document
Brock University offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students, including employment and career preparation, on and off campus. Experiential learning at Brock incorporates both courses that are integral to students' academic programs, and alternatives that are optional, non-credit opportunities for students. Course-based experiential learning opportunities are offered by each of the Faculties and may include:
- Co-op degree programs
- Placements and/or internships
- Field courses (vocal, national, international)
- Service learning courses
- Creative or physical practice, performance, or exhibits
- Consulting, entrepreneurship or design projects
- Labs, simulations and experimentation
Non-credit experiential opportunities for current students include:
- Med Plus
- Law Plus
- Fit Link
- Lab Links
- Campus Wide Co-Curriculum in experiencebu.brocku.ca
Experiential learning at Brock is designed to develop students' skills as productive, competent, responsible and reputable graduates that are well prepared for the workplace. For Experiential Education Coordinators and other staff supports, please go to https://brocku.ca/ccee/experiential-education/ Note: For international students wanting to take a course at Brock with an internship or placement component during the Fall and/or Winter terms, a Work Permit is required. For more information about this process, please contact: Renee Ji, RISIA. Brock International Services, isa@brocku.ca.
II. Co-op and Internship Programs Go to top of document
1. Co-operative Programs Office Go to top of document
Mackenzie Chown A336, x4325 co-op@brocku.ca http://www.brocku.ca/co-op The Co-operative Education Office at Brock provides information and assistance to applicants and registered students for all campus co-op and program specific paid internship programs, and will:
- Advise students regarding application to co-op programs, co-op specific academic program requirements, employment opportunities, and job searches;
- Recruit employers for co-op and internship opportunities;
- Proactively market Brock to employers as the preferred school for student hires
- Facilitate the co-op employment process from initial job postings, interview periods, to employment offers and hires;
- Prepare students for successful work term experiences by developing and facilitating professional preparation course;
- Monitor and support employer/student relationship with regards to work term quality and student contribution through site check in and performance evaluation;
- Support student recruitment initiatives and activities to co-op internships programs and evaluate student applications for admission decisions;
- Provide employment information to the Registrar's Office for inclusion on students academic transcripts
- Students who are interested in applying to a co-op program are encouraged to contact the Co-operative Education Office for information.
2. List of Current Programs Go to top of document
For a list of programs offering co-op, please go to https://brocku.ca/ccee/programs/#undergrad-programs/ Please visit Co-operative Programs in the Calendar (https://brocku.ca/webcal/2020/undergrad/coop.html) for detailed requirements.  
III. Practica and Course-based Experiential Learning Go to top of document
1. Courses with Work Placements In addition to co-op programs, many other academic programs at Brock include specific courses that require a significant work placement. Normally, these course-based experiences are arranged with public service agencies, schools or employers on a voluntary work basis rather than as paid employment. Most of these courses are a core program requirement for a particular degree program in the discipline. 2. Records and Fee Policy The course number, course title and final grade are listed on the student's academic transcript. At the discretion of the individual faculty teaching the course, course-based experiential learning can also be tracked on students' Experience Plus Records (see section V for more information):

Through the on-line postings, students can begin their placement search in the summer, to have an approved placement arranged when the course begins in the Fall or in advance of any semester when a placement course runs;

- In collaboration with their professor and/or Experiential Education Coordinator, students can arrange with their placement supervisor for the placement details (location, job title, duties/employabillity skills) to be recorded on their Experience Plus Records. The standard course tuition fee normally covers the costs of course-based experiential learning.
IV. Experiential Learning Programs through Career Education Go to top of document
CareerZone (Entrance through Guernsey Market) Administrative Offices: ST 119 career@brocku.ca  
CAREER EDUCATION Go to top of document
The Career Education team supports students in understanding their skills, connecting their experiences to jobs, mapping their career goals and building their professional network. As part of our career programming, we offer the following experiential learning opportunties. Co-Curricular Tracking 905-688-5550, extension 4414 brocku.ca/ccee/career-education/experience-plus/ Capture your experiences at Brock and in the community on an Experience Record that highlights skills employers are seeking. Your Experience Record provides you with an opportunity to track, highlight and document your involvement, experiences and learning outside of the classroom.  
MED PLUS Go to top of document
brocku.ca/ccee/med-plus Med Plus is an enrollment-based four-year non-credit program which runs concurrently with students' academic study. Learn about and build experience in the health field through this unique co-curricular program that includes job shadowing, networking opportunities with healthcare professionals, skill development workshops and community service projects. In partnership with area hospitals, health organizations, and practitioners, Med Plus will provide you with practical experience and the most up-to-date information about the health care sector. This program is highly competitive and will help develop your competitive edge when applying to professional health programs.  
LAW PLUS Go to top of document
brocku.ca/ccee/law-plus Law Plus is an enrollment based four-year non-credit program which runs concurrently with students' academic study. Learn about and build experience in the legal field through job shadowing, networking opprtunities with law professionals, skill development workshops and community service projects. In partnership with area law firms, public and private organizations and practitioners, Law Plus will provide you with practical experience and the most up-to-date infromation about pursuing careers in law. Students who complete Law Plus go on to pursue further education in law and government, financial law, education law and policy, criminal justice, graduate school and more.  
V. Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum and ExperientialBU Portal Go to top of document
experiencebu.brocku.ca (login with your Badger ID and password) ExperienceBU is your gateway to the Brock experience. Find and connect with student clubs, events, workshops, communities, services and supports, and co-curricular experiences. If it is happening at Brock, it is on ExperienceBU! So, check ExperienceBU often to stay informed! While you are getting involved at Brock, why not get recognized? The Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) is a unique guide designed to help you get the most out of your experiences beyond the classroom. Complete domains in the CWC to to earn recognition on the Brock University Certificate of Engagement and with your Student Experience Record showcase your involvement and skill development to potential employers. If you complete the entire curriculum, you will earn a prestigious red cord at Convocation! Getting involved is easy - start by logging into experiencebu.brocku.ca. You don't need to sign up for the CWC, it's already waiting for you to explore the range of activities available to complete in ten domains. Look for it in your Paths section. It's time to get involved, challenge yourself, and try new things. For information visit https://brocku.ca/experiencebu/co-curriculum/  
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