Brock University Undergraduate Calendar

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Science Courses
SCIE 0N90 Co-op Training and Development Framework for the development of learning objectives for individual work terms, for students in the co-op programs in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. Includes orientation to the co-op experience, goal setting, career planning, resume preparation and interview skills preparation. Lectures, presentations, site visits, 2 hours per week. Restriction: open to Science Co-op students. Note: see Director of Co-op Programs Office. SCIE 1F30 Science and Society For non-science majors, basic questions and problems in understanding the nature of science and technology and their impact on contemporary society. Some questions addressed: how are scientific theories formulated? What is pollution? What is the relation of science to ethics and public policy? Lectures, 3 hours per week; seminar, 1 hour, alternate weeks. Note: co-ordinated through the Department of Chemistry. SCIE 1P10 Science for Primary/Junior Teachers Science instruction and curriculum for the Primary and Junior level. Instruction in individual disciplines provide a foundation appropriate for Primary/Junior science instruction through background, materials, exercises and resources fordoing elementary school science. Lectures, lab, 3 hours per week. Restriction: students must have a minimum of 5.0 overall credits. Note: open to students intending to apply to a faculty of education and who have not taken university science courses beyond the science context requirements. Co-ordinated through the Faculty of Education. Designed to meet the science admission requirement for the Primary/Junior Pre-service program of the Faculty of Education at Brock University. For additional information contact the Pre-service Department, Faculty of Education.
SCIE 3P91 Science for Elementary School Teachers Focus on teaching the foundations of the science curriculum at the elementary level (grades 4-8). Selected issues in contemporary science education, as well as the application of computer software in the science classroom. Lectures, seminar, practicum, 3 hours per week. Restriction: open to BSc/BEd majors with a minimum of 9.0 overall credits. Note: co-ordinated through the Faculty of Education. School-based practicum is required. For additional information contact the Pre-service Department, Faculty of Education.