Brock University Undergraduate Calendar

COURSES Aboriginal Studies (ABST) Adult Education (ADED) Applied Language Studies (APLS) Astronomy (ASTR) Biochemistry (BCHM) Biology (BIOL) Biotechnology (BTEC) Canadian Studies (CANA) Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCST) Chemistry (CHEM) Community Health Sciences (CHSC) Child and Youth Studies (CHYS) Classics (CLAS) Communications (COMM) Computer Science (COSC) Dramatic Arts (DART) Economics (ECON) Education (all courses) (EDUC) English (ENGL) Entrepreneurial Studies (ENTR) Environment (ENVI) Earth Sciences (ERSC) Film Studies (FILM) Finance (FNCE) French (FREN) Great Books/Liberal Studies (GBLS) Geography (GEOG) German (GERM) Greek (GREE) History (HIST) International Studies (INTL) Italian (ITAL) Information Technology Information Systems (ITIS) Japanese (JAPA) Labour Studies (LABR) Latin (LATI) Linguistics (LING) Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MAND) Mathematics (MATH) Management (MGMT) Marketing (MKTG) Modern Languages, Literatures and Culture (MLLC) Music (MUSI) Neuroscience (NEUR) Nursing (NUSC) Organizational Behaviour and Human Relations (OBHR) Oenology and Viticulture (OEVI) Operations Management (OPER) Popular Culture (PCUL) Physical Education and Kinesiology (PEKN) Philosophy (PHIL) Physics (PHYS) Political Science (POLI) Portuguese (PORT) Psychology (PSYC) Recreation and Leisure Studies (RECL) Russian (RUSS) Science (SCIE) Sociology (SOCI) Spanish (SPAN) Sport Management (SPMA) Tourism Studies (TOUR) Visual Arts (VISA) Women's Studies (WISE) Writing (WRIT)
Russian Courses
RUSS 1F00 (Russian Introductory) Development of the four basic skills in language proficiency (reading, writing, speaking and comprehension). Lectures, language lab, 4 hours per week.