Current research

StudentThesis project
Sarah DavisDavis, S., Thomson, K., & Connolly, M. (In press). A component analysis of behavioral skills training with volunteers teaching motor skills. Behavioral Interventions
Reghann MunnoMunno, R. K., & Thomson, K. (in progress). The effects of a self-management treatment package on physical activity in university students with depressive symptoms.
Carly MagnaccaMagnacca, C. & Thomson, K. (in progress). Evaluating behavioural skills training via telecommunication to teach mediators to facilitate acceptance and commitment training.
Joey RobertsonRobertson, J. & Thomson, K. (in progress). An evaluation of a telecommunication model for training staff to implement common behavioural protocols.
Amanda MarcinkiewiczMarcinkiewicz, A., & Thomson, K. (in progress). Evaluation of committed actions during acceptance and commitment training for caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Kirsten YoungTo be determined