Current Sleep Lab Studies

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Past research projects

Past Research ProjectsResearchersREB File No. *
The impact of natural sleep and hormones on emotion processingKari Lustig, Kimberly Cote17-077
How Sleep Quality Impacts Emotion and CognitionReuben Howlett, Kimberly Cote17-332
Testing memory quality after a night of fragmented sleepKevin MacDonald, Kimberly Cote17-107
Where does it all go? Testing location memory after a night of sleepKevin MacDonald, Kimberly Cote16-084
Where did it go? Remembering the locations of objects over a day or nightKevin MacDonald, Kimberly Cote15-311
The effects of an afternoon nap on cognitive and emotional functioningKevin MacDonald, Kimberly Cote14-139
Investigating the Relationship between Sleep and Context MemoriesKevin MacDonald, Kimberly Cote12-265
The impact of sleep restriction on attention, memory, and emotionKimberly Cote, Cheryl McCormick12-174
Effects of Sleep Loss on Human PerformanceKimberly Cote, Ryan Renn09-033
Benefits of Daytime Napping on CampusJosh Black, Kimberly Cote08-056
Sleep and information processing in individuals with a traumatic brain injuryCatherine Milner, Kimberly Cote06-049
Brain Information Processing at Sleep Onset in Good and Poor SleepersRona Kertesz, Kimberly Cote05-272
Brain functioning during daytime sleepinessKimberly Cote03-373
The role of sleep in learningStuart Fogel, Carlyle Smith, Kimberly A. Cote03‑002
Napping in young and older adultsCatherine Milner, Kimberly Cote02‑346
The benefits of napping in habitual and non-habitual nappersCatherine Milner, Stuart Fogel, Kimberly Cote02‑177
Brain information processing at sleep onset in good and poor sleepersKimberly Cote, Kiwamu Yasuda, Laura Ray, Stuart Fogel, Meghan Baker, Robert Ogilvie01‑044
The effects of continuous sleep restriction on brain physiology and performanceKimberly Cote, Catherine Milner, Stephanie Osip, Brielle Cuthburt99‑055
EEG and temperament correlates during sleep and wakefulnessLouis Schmidt, Kimberly Cote, Diane Santesso, Catherine Milner99‑055
The effects of experimentally-induced sleep fragmentation on brain physiology and performanceKimberly Cote, Catherine Milner, Stephanie Osip, Laura Ray, Karen Baxter99‑055

*Note: The Research Ethics Board (REB) clearance number associated with each study can be found on the study consent form.

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