The Motivation, Instruction and Reading Lab is collaborator in a number of multi-site projects both domestically and internationally. To learn more about these projects please visit their project links below.

The New Haven Lexinome Project (NHLP)

A partnership between Yale University and New Haven Public Schools, is a genetics study designed to assess reading and cognitive abilities of 1st grade students over a course of 4 – 5 years.  The goals of the study are to create a pre-symptomatic, genetic screener for dyslexia, examine genetic and environmental connections to reading and learning disability, examine language and attention connections to reading ability, and investigate the possibility of genetics enhanced intervention selection.

Centre for the Study of Adult Literacy

CSAL is committed to understanding reading-related characteristics that are critical to helping adult learners reach their reading goals and to developing instructional approaches that are tailored to adult learners’ needs and interests.

CSAL has has two major goals:

  1. To research the underlying processes that help or hinder the reading development of adults who struggle with reading.
  2. To develop and evaluate a reading curriculum to address adult learners’ needs.

Norwegian Reading Centre

The Reading Centre is an active research centre within the Faculty of Arts and Education at the University of Stavanger. The centre is home to several large, innovative research projects.

The centre’s research concerns language and literacy development and assessment in educational contexts, from Kindergarten to workplaces.

Theoretically and methodologically the centre displays a broad fan of approaches to different aspects of literacy

The MIR Lab is collaborating with researchers from the following institutions.