Track Your Child’s Development Program

Tracking Infant Development in the General Population using an Online Parent Questionnaire.

We are offering the opportunity for parents of children aged 1 to 24 months to track their child’s development for free using an online questionnaire accessible from a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


The purpose of this research project is to validate an online version of the Parent Observation Checklist (POC). This study has the potential to begin to validate this online questionnaire that all parents can use to monitor their young child’s development if they wish to do so.


Parents of children between 1-24 months of age (or are pregnant). 

Your Commitment

The POC consists of 61 items about your child’s development and behaviors. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete it. We ask participants to complete the POC monthly until the child is 3 years old, but it is fine if a parent prefer to complete it less frequently. We will send participants a brief report about their child’s development after approximately three POC’s are completed. The multidisciplinary research team includes psychologists with expertise in child development.


There is absolutely no charge for participating in the study and completing the study questionnaires.

Privacy & Involvement

Participants can stop their involvement in the study at any time with no penalty. Safeguards are in place to protect participants’ confidentiality and real names will never be used in any presentations and publications.

More information

Learn more about this project and how to participate.

This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through Brock University’s Research Ethics Board (file # 21-317-FELDMAN)