Student Government

Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU)

BUSU is a student-run organization located on the Brock campus in St. Catharines. It represents and advocates for the undergraduate students at Brock and provides a wide range of services, supports and events.

Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)

The GSA is a student organization that represents the interests of all graduate students at BrockUniversity: MBA, MEd, MAcc, MA, MSc, MTL & all PhD students (approximately 1700 in total).

image of brock statue in front of schmon tower

Brock University Student Administrative Council (BUSAC)

BUSACĀ is a popularly elected legislative body composed of representatives from all academic faculties of the university as well as representatives for Residence, Off-Campus, and International students. Constitutionally, BUSAC serves as an “Executive Advisory Committee” of the Board of Directors.