About the project

At Brock University, we seek to create an environment characterized by openness, fairness and equal access for all students, staff and faculty. A welcoming and inclusive campus climate is forged through mutual respect, nurtured by dialogue, evidenced by a pattern of civil interaction, and is one of the foundations of our educational model. These considerations are also reflected in the University’s values and Institutional Strategic Plan.

Creating and maintaining a community environment that respects individual needs, abilities and potential is critical. To that end, and following on recommendations of the University’s 2017 Human Rights Task Force report, the University is undertaking a climate assessment. We will study and review our institution’s day-to-day culture and atmosphere as perceived by employees and students.

Background information

This presentation offers an overview of the project including the process and importance of this study.

The survey will include questions about:

  • Campus climate
  • Intimidating, offensive and hostile conduct
  • Sexual harassment and misconduct
  • Faculty and staff support
  • Advising, training and reporting
  • Awareness and use of University provided resources
  • Overall satisfaction with the University