Postdoctoral scholars find dedicated support in new home Faculty

Brock’s recently renamed Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGSPA) has expanded supports for postdoctoral scholars, including the creation of a new Postdoctoral Affairs Co-ordinator role.

The strategic changes at FGSPA, formerly known as the Faculty of Graduate Studies, reflect the University’s commitment to providing comprehensive support for postdoctoral scholars, who play an essential role in contributing to Brock’s reputation for research excellence.

Postdoctoral scholars or fellows are in a unique phase in their academic career as they are no longer graduate students, have completed their doctoral studies and are preparing to become independent researchers. The length of a postdoctoral appointment typically ranges from one to three years and aims to develop skill sets alongside teaching and management roles.

In collaboration with the Office of Research Services (ORS), FGSPA aims to formalize, streamline and enhance the supports available to postdoctoral scholars and their supervisors, said FGSPA Vice-Provost and Dean Suzanne Curtin.

A picture of the Postdoctoral Affairs Coordinator, Tamara Fuciarelli, in a sunny hallway.

Postdoctoral Affairs Coordinator Tamara Fuciarelli has joined the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs to support postdoctoral scholars at Brock.

“FGSPA is excited to work closely with the postdoc community to help support their needs while at Brock and their future aspirations,” said Curtin. “We hope this change will not only highlight Brock’s commitment and dedication to the postdoc community, but also bring greater focus to the critical role postdoctoral scholars play in the University’s research community.”

Brock’s new Postdoctoral Affairs Co-ordinator, Tamara Fuciarelli, said she is committed to helping these researchers succeed by assisting them with accessing information, connecting with other departments on campus and navigating forms and procedures.

“Postdocs are vital members of the faculty and it’s my goal to ensure they feel they have support throughout their appointment with us,” she said.

ORS will continue to work closely with FGSPA on issues of grants and research support for current and aspiring postdoctoral scholars at Brock, including the $5,000 research allocation automatically provided to full-time funded postdoctoral fellows.

“This initiative makes explicit the kinds of support that the former Faculty of Graduate Studies was already providing to many postdoctoral fellows and gives postdocs a clearly defined resource for guidance and information,” said Vice-President, Research Tim Kenyon.

Brock’s postdoctoral scholars and the graduate community can keep an eye out for more changes on the FGSPA website in the coming weeks and can reach out to for more information.

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