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Lisa Ding (MAcc ’21) is adept at navigating complex financial regulations and guidelines. She enjoys finding solutions to help researchers and their projects, especially those that have the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives or advance knowledge in a particular field.

As Research Accountant in the Office of Research Services, Ding helps the University to promote a culture of research excellence, attract funding for future research initiatives and make informed decisions about future research investments.

Share your Brock career story.  

My story with Brock began in 2018 when I started my Master of Accounting program as an international student at the Goodman School of Business.

I was one of the student ambassadors for Goodman promoting business events and programs, offering help to new students and assisting with Open House. I also served as a Graduate Assistant for the Business English and Skills Transition (BEST) program in summer 2020.

Soon after, I worked at Toronto Hydro for one year, but in May 2021, returned to Brock and started my Research Accounting career with the Office of Research Services.

This was absolutely one of the best decisions along my career path. The job improved my analytical skills, attention to detail and ability to work collaboratively with researchers, administrators and funding agencies.

What do you like about your role? 

Brock offers a dynamic, inclusive, welcoming and supportive work environment that values the contribution of all employees.

As a Research Accountant, I evaluate the spending against the compliance and eligibility criteria of the relevant funding agencies as well as Brock’s spending and purchasing policies, and ensure there are sufficient funds available.

I also consult with researchers when additional information is required and provide guidance and advice to them to ensure compliance is established.

I like the opportunities to work with researchers. I enjoy talking to them and learning about important discoveries and the most recent innovations from them.

Working on multiple research projects simultaneously, each with their own funding sources, budgetary constraints and reporting requirements provides me with a diverse range of experiences and opportunities to learn and grow, which is always exciting.

Mostly, I appreciate the opportunity to work with talented and dedicated colleagues and to make a positive impact on the lives of students and the community.

Are any of your family members involved in any initiatives at Brock?

Yes, absolutely. My daughter and many of her friends are big fans of Brock’s Youth University, tech programs and summer camps.

She also participated in a Brock University Developmental Neuroscience Lab study in July 2022, where she completed questionnaires and activities on a computer while wearing an EEG net to record brain waves. It was a whole new experience for her. Although she does not really understand how it works, it sparked her interest in exploring and learning science, which is amazing.

Do you volunteer with any community organizations?

I often volunteer at the Canada Revenue Agency tax clinic in the Niagara region, where I helped international students, newcomers and people with difficulty using computers to file their annual tax returns.

I have also been a volunteer of Habitat for Humanity, and once even went to South Carolina for a house building trip to help low-income people in a local community. 

What are your interests and hobbies?

Skiing is my favourite sport in the winter. I also enjoy travelling. I have been to different countries in Asia, a few cities in Europe and the U.S. I love exploring new cultures, trying different foods and seeing new sights — all of those create unique memories which can be cherished for years. Recently, I started doing crochet and got very into it.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?  

One of the things I do to reduce stress is read.

Also, I am a big fan of making to-do lists all the time, not only for work but also for my personal life, to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities when possible. This helps improve productivity and take care of both professional life and personal life.

I think setting up realistic goals for work and personal life is also a helpful strategy for me. It’s important to have achievable goals to avoid feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve gotten a lot of good advice over the years. One of the best would be, “stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own journey and progress.” This reminds me to appreciate my unique qualities and accomplishments which makes me feel more confident and motivated.

What are you most proud of? 

I’m proud to be Brock alumna. I love this University and the Niagara region. I feel so fortunate to work here and be able to give back to the greater community.

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