Canada’s increasing international population inspires Brock grad’s invention

This is one in a series of stories featuring businesses in the Brock LINC’s incubation program, the LINCubator. The LINCubator supports a small cohort of early-stage businesses and helps them reach their next stage of business development. The eight-month program combines workshops, mentorship, networking, business coaching and partnerships with local investor groups. For more information on the LINCubator, visit

It was while participating in Brock’s Kickstarting Entrepreneurship Program, following his undergraduate students at the University, that Sadoon Khan (BAcc ’18) felt the spark.

Intrigued by the creativity and innovation his peers showed with their business ideas and prototypes, he was inspired to jump into entrepreneurship and begin making products of his own.

“I wanted to be on the inventing and manufacturing side of the spectrum instead of just consuming products made by other people,” Khan recalled.

The program opened Khan up to other opportunities, including Monster Pitch, which he competed in in 2019, making it all the way to the semi-finals.

The COVID pandemic led Khan to re-evaluate his previous ventures. The infamous global toilet paper shortage of the early pandemic days got Khan thinking, and led to him founding Prime Bidet.

“Bidets are commonplace in about 80 per cent of the world,” says Khan, who immigrated to Canada in high school from Pakistan. “With Canada’s increasing international population, there is more interest in bidets, but limited product selection, especially for portable options.”

Prime Bidet is a portable bidet that can be easily transported for multiple needs, including for campers, postpartum women and recreational vehicle (RV) users. It is electric and has a long-lasting battery, is easy to carry and has variable water pressure.

With a prototype in hand, Khan once again returned to his Brock University roots and applied for the LINCubator, the Brock LINC’s eight-month incubator program that provides support for early-stage businesses.

“The experience and knowledge from the mentors in this program were the most beneficial for me,” Khan said. “Due to their mentorship and invaluable expertise, I managed to speed up my success avoiding many roadblocks that I would have found myself stuck for months.

“From dealing with a manufacturer to successfully closing contracts with businesses, mentors’ guidance has proved to be impeccable for my business.”

With his time in the LINCubator program now complete, Khan has big plans for Prime Bidet in 2023.

As a full-time accountant, much of his spare time is dedicated to working on his invention. He is currently building relationships with local businesses owners, who have agreed to sell Prime Bidet within their stores. He is also working to get his product into big box stores by the end of the year.

For more information on the LINCubator program, please visit the Brock LINC website or email Cassie Conte, Brock LINC Program Manager, at

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