Brock community invited to interact with immersive worlds

An empty, charred space helmet with glowing red eyes. A serum to genetically enhance humans. A burnt painting torn into pieces. Confidential log entries of a hero’s last great battle against giant monsters.

These are all components of fictional worlds created by Brock Interactive Arts and Science students that will be shared with the University community through immersive experiences this week.

Students in IASC 3P04 have been busy sewing, gluing, printing, designing and painting to bring their worlds to life. They will showcase their creations Wednesday, Dec. 7 with stations set up in the Rankin Family Pavilion, the James A. Gibson Library, ST107 and Thistle Hallway from 3 to 5 p.m.

“Throughout the course, students have been learning techniques and strategies to develop an immersive world,” says instructor Desiree Veinot.

They’ve learned how to use the stages of immersion and enjoyment in creating a total immersive experience. Through a series of assignments, they created fictional worlds and developed the science, nature and lore of those worlds. After writing short stories, students wrote a detailed formal proposal with schematics, lore and material lists to create a prop from their fictional world.

Detailed descriptions of each project and where they will be located can be found on the class website.

While people may associate immersion most closely with virtual reality technology and video games, the psychological state of feeling a part of another world can be achieved through a variety of means, says Veinot.

The immersive projects on display range from live action role play and scavenger hunts to a fantasy “science” demonstration and a mini-figurine painting session.

“The main concept of immersion is about engaging the audience and holding their attention,” says Veinot.

She has brought her background in visual arts to the course, encouraging students to think about how they can create props, costumes and even interactive performances that will immerse visitors in their fictional worlds.

“The students are very energetic and excited,” she says. “They wanted to exhibit their work outside the classroom and see how others react to it.”

What: IASC3P04 Immersive Experience
When: Wednesday, Dec. 7, 3 to 5 p.m.
Where: Rankin Family Pavilion atrium, James A. Gibson Library, Thistle Hallway, Schmon Tower ST107

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