Temporary meeting portals offer additional private workspace

The way people work — and where — has evolved significantly over the past two years, with online meetings now the norm and needs for physical workspaces changing.

As it looks to the future, Brock University is exploring options to address workspace needs, and recently installed three temporary meeting portals in the Rankin Family Pavilion (RFP) to test their viability.

A man sits in a glassed-in meeting space working on a laptop.

Scott Johnstone, Brock’s Senior Associate Vice-President, Infrastructure and Operations, tests out one of the temporary meeting spaces now available in the Rankin Family Pavilion.

The booths, which have been piquing the curiosity of passersby since their recent installation, are on loan from their manufacturer, Inbox, for about 90 days. They are meant to provide small meeting space solutions for students, staff and faculty while on campus.

There are three different versions now available in the RFP: One with a single seat and desk, a second with a table and two seats, and a third with a table and seating for four. All include lighting and power outlets.

“The new booths are one of several options Brock University is exploring as it investigates innovative ways to maximize the space available on campus while minimizing new construction and keeping operating costs the same,” says Scott Johnstone, Senior Associate Vice-President, Infrastructure and Operations. “We’re interested to see how effectively the booths help to meet the needs of the Brock community over the next few months.”

The private work areas, which are now open for use, are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about the booths, contact Roland Mech, Associate Director, Space Management and Planning, at rmech@brocku.ca

Two men stand outside a meeting space, while a third crouches inside pointing underneath a table.

Brock carpenters (from left) Jeff Klassen, Corey Chmay and Mike Law helped to install the new temporary booths in Rankin Family Pavilion.

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