Badgers Give Back: Alumni Association builds a bridge for new grads

Note: This story is one in a series of articles highlighting the culture of philanthropy that Brock was built upon and continues to grow among faculty, staff and the greater Brock community today. By showcasing the University community’s commitment to the success of its students and the institution, Brock hopes to share the lasting impact of giving.

Brock University values and celebrates the transformational gift that is countless hours of volunteerism, expertise, advocacy and influence provided by the Brock University Alumni Association (BUAA) Board of Directors each year.

The association — led by Brock grads, for Brock grads — is championed and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who work tirelessly to foster an environment in which Brock alumni can maintain a lifelong connection to the University. While their donations come in the currency of volunteered time, they are vital to advancing the value and reputation of each Brock degree for the University, its students and its alumni.

For Allie Hughes (BA ’09), the decision to not only stay engaged with her alma mater for the past decade, but to also recently join the BUAA Board as President for 2022-23, was an easy one.

“I truly value the institution, the good work that the people at the University do, and the remarkable output of talented graduates who go on to have incredible careers in our community and beyond,” said Hughes. “We are all so lucky to have had the opportunity to study at Brock and to be part of that community; that’s why I believe so strongly in the mission of the BUAA.”

Last month, various members of the Board were spread out across campus and the community as Brock’s Homecoming celebrations returned in person. While Homecoming acts as a time for graduates to gather and reconnect with the University community, the Board attended events as ambassadors of both the alumni body and Brock. As representatives of both groups in conversation, the Board concluded the weekend with vital insight and feedback that will help shape future services, offerings and gatherings for the alumni population.

In the same way, Board representatives serve as an approachable entry point for new graduates to stay connected with the University and establish a network of their own. By sharing their contacts and networks, the Board introduces students and alumni to a broader network of graduates, professionals and businesses that is accessible and, at times, crucial to the success or employment of Brock alumni.

“I really believe that the BUAA serves as a vehicle to create and maintain connection,” Hughes said. “My mission in my time with the BUAA is to do as much as I can to strengthen those bonds between alumni and provide a ‘meeting ground’ per se, to encourage and facilitate new and stronger connections.”

While donations to the University often aim to attract and support the next generation of students, the invaluable contributions of the BUAA Board of Directors make a difference throughout the University and its community in a completely different way.

Through serving their time at board meetings and events, advocating on behalf of Brock to their own community and network, and sharing their expertise and varying connections to students and alumni in conversation, each of the eight members of the BUAA Board gift an unparalleled advantage for alumni and soon-to-be alumni of the University.

“The sense of community is a constant topic of conversation when I chat with fellow alumni and current students,” Hughes said. “Once a Badger, always a Badger, and I encourage every member of the Brock community to wear that Badger pride; you’ll be delighted by how many of us will notice and make a point to celebrate with you.”

With Homecoming and Fall Convocation now wrapped up and Brock looking forward to all that alumni will accomplish in the year ahead, the University recognizes the contributions of its BUAA Board in ensuring possibility for Brock’s students and graduates, on and off campus.

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