Info session to detail New Zealand study opportunity

Brock students have the chance to study in New Zealand during the 2023 Winter Term, and can learn more about the opportunity during a virtual information session this week.

Hosted by the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies, the virtual session takes place Thursday, April 7 at 11 a.m. and will focus on the New Zealand Term Abroad program, which is available to all qualifying Brock students and of particular interest to those studying Geography, Tourism Studies, and Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The program’s participants will complete 1.5 credits at the Dunedin campus of Otago University during the Otago Summer School session followed by a 25-day full-credit intensive field course.

The field course, “Ecological Regions, Tourism Destinations and Sustainability in New Zealand,” will include travel to several top destinations across the North and South Islands, including the country’s blue penguin colonies, wine regions and urban centres, among others.

Global Skills Opportunity Student Bursaries are available to all participants, with funding starting at $1,500 and higher levels of funding available to low-income students, students with disabilities and Indigenous students. Program costs, which include meals, accommodation and ground travel as well as tuition, are also OSAP-eligible.

Students are invited to register for the information session on ExperienceBU. Those unable to attend are encouraged to contact Associate Professor David T. Brown for more information.

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