Talk to explore history of Black jazz musicians in Eastern Canada

An upcoming Brock University talk will highlight the impact of Black musicians on jazz in Eastern Canada during the pre-war period.

During the free online event Friday, Feb. 11, Wade Pfaff, a musician, creative artist, and academic from Toronto, will explore how Black music culture is a tangible manifestation of spiritual freedom and an invaluable outlet for Black Canadians to express their selfhood and boundless creativity in his talk, “The beginnings of Black jazz in Eastern Canada.”

Pfaff is a Visiting-scholar-in-residence at Cape Breton University’s Centre for Sound Communities, where he studies the relationship between the music of trans-Atlantic Black cultures during the early 20th century and the improvements in civil rights for people of colour that followed.

His interests range from researching Canadian Black history, studying and playing music from the trans-Atlantic diaspora on guitar and drums, and developing cultural education programs for marginalized youth.

Hosted by the Centre for Canadian Studies and Department of History, the talk will be held Friday, Feb. 11 from 3 to 4 p.m.

Register via Eventbrite to receive an email link to the event.

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