Thesis defences — Oct. 18 to Oct. 22

The following is a list of thesis defences taking place from Monday, Oct. 18 to Friday, Oct. 22.

PhD in Psychology thesis defence

Joel Robitaille, a PhD candidate in Psychology, will defend his thesis “The mental representation of visual information” on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 1 p.m. in virtual format.

The examination committee members are Brian Roy, Chair; Stephen Emrich, Supervisor; Heida Sigurdardottir, External Examiner (University of Iceland); Erin Pandas, Internal Examiner; and Karen Arnell and Sid Segalowitz, Advisory Committee.

 Master of Arts in Geography thesis defence

Hannah Willms, a Master of Arts in Geography candidate, will defend the thesis “Airbnb in the Age of a Housing Crisis: A Case Study of Housing Affordability and Vacation Rental Regulations in Niagara Falls, ON” on Friday, Oct, 22 at 10:30 a.m. in virtual format.

The examination committee includes Dawn Zinga, Chair; Mike Ripmeester, Supervisor; Alan Walks, External Examiner (Professor, Geography and Planning, University of Toronto); Jeff Boggs, Graduate Program Director; and Chris Fullerton and Phillip Mackintosh, Committee Members.

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