New look to and way to request Brock Card

Gone are the days of waiting in line to smile for a campus ID photo.

A new online procedure to request a Brock Card has improved service delivery and will limit the number of people requiring in-person assistance during peak times on campus.

The CloudCard online photo submission platform, which was implemented last year by the Brock Card Office as a pilot project, allows Brock University students, staff and faculty to upload a photo of themselves for use on their Brock Card.

Once the photo is submitted online, a prompt will encourage users to book a time to visit the Brock Card Office, which is located at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre Box Office in Thistle Complex (TH 221A), across the hall from the stairs leading down to Market Hall.

To request a Brock Card, begin by uploading a photo:

  • Go to
  • Enter login credentials: Campus ID and password.
  • Submit a photo by following the instructions outlined upon login.
  • Book a time to pick up the card.

More detailed instructions, including how to take an acceptable photo, can be found online.

Along with improved service, the Brock Card has been refreshed with new artwork featuring an aerial photo of campus.

Beginning Monday, July 5, Brock Cards accepted on campus will be those with the new artwork or cards with a red background featuring the image of Maj.-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock. Only students, staff and faculty still using a card with the Mackenzie Chown Complex on it are asked to email the Brock Card office at to request a new card free of charge.

The Brock Card is used by students, staff and faculty to access a wide variety of services on campus, such as meal plans and library services. It is used as identification at exams, a recreation membership card and a transit card when affixed with a current bus pass sticker. It is also used to control access to specific areas and buildings on campus.

For more information on the Brock Card, visit the Brock Card web page.

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