Next Women in Leadership event confronts the imposter phenomenon

“Do I really belong here? Did I get here by some fluke? Should I be doing this work?”

According to Yasanthi Perera, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Ethics, these are questions many women have asked themselves at some point.

“In doing so, we discount our academic training, other preparation and experiences,” she says.

Perera will speak about imposter phenomenon, also called imposter syndrome, at the next Women in Leadership (WIL) meeting on Tuesday, March 9, from 1 to 2 p.m.,

Drawing on personal experiences, as well as stories of several other women, Perera will discuss how to address feelings of self-doubt at both the individual and organizational levels.

Details on this and other upcoming sessions, including dates, descriptions and login details are available on the Women in Leadership website.

Women in Leadership aims to support women in formal and informal leadership positions and encourage the next generation of potential women leaders. All women and allies are invited to attend. Individuals are welcome to join the WIL channel on Microsoft Teams or to contact Jeannie Mackintosh to be added to the WIL email distribution list.

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