Brock opens new doors for transfer students from Sri Lanka

A new partnership model with American National College (ANC) in Sri Lanka aims to increase access for transfer students to Brock University.

Brock International, in consultation with ANC, developed the new Exchange Enterprise pilot program in response to the challenges associated with international travel due to COVID-19.

Dinithi Madushika Wiyanduwa Kankanamge is studying Political Science as part of the Enterprise Exchange program at Brock University.

The program allows transfer students from partner institutions to enrol in online courses aligned with their Brock program of interest.

Dinithi Madushika Wiyanduwa Kankanamge was one of the first students to capitalize on this opportunity. She began taking courses online this fall, enrolling in Canada and the Global Community, and Principles of Microeconomics.

Kankanamge is considering using these credits and others earned at ANC towards a Political Science degree at Brock.

“It has been really great,” Kankanamge said of the virtual learning opportunity. “Even though it’s online, the experience has been really good. Lectures are very informative and interesting.”

In addition to academic courses, students are offered access to all the supports available to international students studying on Brock’s campus.

“Students are exposed to the culture and expectations of studying at a Canadian university, get first-hand experience of what studying at Brock is like and get a head start on their degree requirements before moving across the globe,” said Leigh-Ellen Keating, Director, Brock International.

As the program’s inaugural partner, ANC is considered a pioneer in transnational education in Sri Lanka. The institution actively collaborates with international partners on pathways, dual-degree options and transfer opportunities for their students into programs abroad.

“We look forward to the success of current students as well as future cohorts from ANC and other partners,” said Keating.

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