Thesis defences — Oct. 26 to 30

The following is a list of thesis defences taking place virtually from Monday, Oct. 26 to Friday, Oct. 30.

Master of Arts Child and Youth Studies thesis defence
Child and Youth Studies student Emma Peddigrew will defend her Master of Arts thesis, “‘I Wanted to do Everything Perfectly Because I Knew I Couldn’t Be’: Critical Disability Studies, Learning Disabilities, and the Transition to University,” on Monday, Oct. 26 at 9 a.m. via video conference.

The examination committee includes Dawn Zinga, Chair; John McNamara, Supervisor; Monique Somma, External Examiner (Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Studies, Brock University); Hannah Dyer, Graduate Program Director; and Shauna Pomerantz and Samantha Sendzik, Committee Members.

Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD thesis defence
Candace Couse, a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Humanities, will defend her thesis, “Stretching the Vitruvian Man: Investigating Affective and Representational Arts-based Methodologies Towards Theorizing a More Humanistic Model of Medicine,” on Monday, Oct. 26 from 1 to 4 p.m. via video conference.

The examination committee includes Leah Bradshaw, Supervisor; Susan Spearey and Derek Knight, Advisory Committee; Shannon Bell, External Examiner (York University); Keri Cronin, Internal Examiner; and Brian Roy, Chair.

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