Virtual Co-op welcome prepares students for career success

Though most incoming co-op students will be studying remotely this fall, they can count on the same level of comprehensive support and preparation the Brock University Co-op Education team is known for.

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 8, incoming co-op students can access a a dedicated 2020 Co-op Orientation webpage with welcome videos, targeted resources, a virtual swag bag and links to numerous other helpful tips. In addition to the online resources, students will also be prompted to register for new program-specific orientation sessions that will allow them to receive specific information relevant to their program and career aspirations.

Cara Krezek, Director of Co-op, Career and Experiential Education, said the online approach will guide students as they explore co-op resources on their own time on the website while also promoting a dedicated time to zero in on details specific of their program.

“We know there are a lot of online activities available to students in the first few weeks,” she said. “We wanted to make sure our approach allowed new co-op students to take time to explore the resources available to them on the webpage while also providing a tailored virtual session that relates directly to their program.”

The new site also provides a one-stop-shop to register for more co-op events in the Fall Term and to complete a Clifton Strengths assessment, which Krezek said will allow students to compile a list of their strengths and to plan how to use them to benefit their careers.

“Understanding what your strengths are allows you to discover how uniquely powerful you are and how you approach your work, both in school and in the workplace,” she said. “We believe that by coaching students on what their strengths are, they have the ability to hone their talents, master how to use them and articulate them to employers so they are successful in their co-op journey.”

As the term kicks off, Krezek hopes co-op students will continue to engage virtually with the Co-op Education team.

“Our team is on stand-by to help students navigate this unprecedented time,” she said. “It has been a busy few months, but we have spent the spring and summer preparing for the students’ arrival — working with industry partners, incorporating new technology into our processes and insuring that the reality we are working in allows for the same personal experience our students have come to expect, and that we are known for. We are here for all of our students and we encourage them to reach out whenever they need us.”

To learn more about Brock’s co-op education resources visit the new 2020 Co-op Orientation website.

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