VASSEUR and THE BUILDING BACK BETTER POST COVID-19 TASK FORCE: Infrastructure investments for a greener, more resilient and sustainable country

Liette Vasseur, Professor of Biological Sciences and UNESCO Chair in Community Sustainability: from local to global at Brock University and other members of The Building Back Better Post COVID-19 Task Force recently had a position paper published by iPolitics about a series of policy briefs focused on ecosystems and biodiversity, green infrastructure, and food systems that will be released in the upcoming weeks.

They write:

The COVID-19 crisis has brought into sharp focus our individual and collective vulnerability — both to the virus itself, and to its indirect socio-economic, environmental and political implications. Responding to the pandemic through adaptive, strategic and greener infrastructure investments can protect and restore ecosystems critical to long-term environmental and socio-cultural well-being.

These proactive initiatives can green the economy through transformation to decarbonized energy systems, develop and protect regional resources and distribution systems for food and energy, and meet basic human needs while fostering community resilience.

These infrastructure investments need to facilitate and support autonomy and vibrancy of Indigenous communities, meeting the Call for Action as part of our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation process. As well, a commitment to equity must inform these investments to ensure that they impact even the most vulnerable Canadians.

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