Brock International launches interactive and individualized programming

International students are going to experience Brock University like never before.

To prepare students for a future focused on online learning, Brock International Services has developed programming designed to promote personal well-being and academic success.

“Brock is ready for online learning in a way that no other university is right now,” said Sandra Gruosso, Associate Director, Brock International Services.

It starts with individualized support from Brock’s academic and language specialists.

Before students begin at Brock, they can get ready with a new video series, Skills for Success: Canadian University Preparation, launched on YouTube this week. The interactive modules cover commonly asked questions from international students, such as:

  1. What are the top academic skills I will need to prepare for university in Canada?
  2. What are essential skills for success in the Canadian job market?
  3. What are the cultural expectations in Canada?

The series also provides students with the opportunity to put their learning to the test, with quizzes that can be completed after each video.

“Topics have been created specifically for international students and designed to bridge any cultural gaps to ensure success in a Canadian environment,” said Gruosso.

International students will also be united in a worldwide virtual community. The newly developed program, known as Global Peers, will join upper year Brock students with new Badgers through connections such as shared hometowns or common interests.

“A senior student from Delhi will lead a peer group of new students from that same city, for example,” said Gruosso. “It allows the group to share experiences commonly faced by students from that region and provide valuable advice to new students.”

Once they begin their studies, an academic coach will meet with and assesses the specific needs of new undergraduate students. After identifying areas of concern or interest, students will receive a lesson plan designed especially for them.

Students can then meet with their coach via regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings throughout the semester, as well as take part in virtual study groups. Organized by class or discipline, the groups will give students a chance to meet and interact with a Brock International Services mentor.

“Students can ask mentors questions and practice their skills,” said Gruosso, adding that they can expand their skillset any place, any time. “They can do it all with other international students in their class too.”

International students can also leverage a number of familiar resources for academic success, such as online workshops.

Offered throughout the semester, the workshops help new students adjust to their new environments in Canada, develop new skills for university such as academic integrity, avoiding plagiarism and help improve existing skills, such as essay writing and collaborating with others.

A catalogue of previously run workshops are available on the ACAD/LANG SUPPORT Sakai site, an internal resources website for students at Brock. The site also includes helpful tip sheets, pre-recorded webinars and important updates for students.

Students looking to learn more about academic and language support offered by Brock International Services can email or book a one-on-one appointment online.

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