Have your say on Brock’s living, learning and working environment

Brock University wants to create an environment that is open, fair and provides equal access for all students, staff and faculty. One of the foundations of Brock’s educational model is a welcoming and inclusive campus climate grounded in mutual respect.

In order to help support that goal, Brock wants your voice to be heard.

The University Human Rights Task Force (HRTF) report of 2017 emphasized these principles and expressed the need for additional data and information to further advance Brock as a welcoming and inclusive university community.

Creating and maintaining a community environment that respects individual needs, abilities and potential is critically important. Following on recommendations of the HRTF, the University is undertaking a climate assessment.

The Assessment of the Learning, Living, and Working Environment for Students and Employees at Brock is open from Tuesday, March 3 until Friday, April 3.

To complete the survey, please visit rankinsurveys1.com/brocku

“The idea of it initially came through thinking about Human Rights and Equity and our participation in the University’s Strategic Plan,” said HRE Director Leela MadhavaRau. “How do we transform Brock without having an idea of where we are and what that transformation should look like? Doing a campus-wide survey gives us a holistic picture so that we can move forward.”

To ensure full transparency and to provide a more complete perspective, the University has contracted with Rankin & Associates Consulting, which has conducted more than 200 campus climate assessments across North America over the past 20 years. (To avoid any confusion, please note this company has no connection to the local family for whom Brock’s Rankin Family Pavilion is named.)

All of your answers will remain completely confidential and the results will be reported in group form only. You will not be identifiable as an individual. Your participation in this project is voluntary and the research has been reviewed and approved by the Brock University Office of Research Ethics.

“One of the reasons we went with Rankin & Associates is that they don’t just give us our data back — they take the data and suggest concrete actions aligned with our strategic plan,” said MadhavaRau. “With their experience working with other campuses, they have a good sense for suggestions that can be implemented short, medium and long term.”

For more information on the Assessment of the Learning, Living and Working Environment for Students and Employees at Brock, please visit brocku.ca/campus-climate-survey

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