A message from Chancellor Shirley Cheechoo

24 March 2020

Dear Brock students and all members of the Brock community,

I am writing this message to you, your loved ones and your communities, and I pray that all is well and safe during this unprecedented public health crisis.

As you all know, our world seems to have been turned upside down overnight, especially the way we live. This way of life has now changed us all. We are confused, and it’s scary for many if not all of us.

Everyone at all levels of Brock University’s leadership are taking this crisis seriously, and we are determined to protect our staff, student body and the lives of the community. Much effort and urgency has gone into safely moving students out of residences, moving teaching and exams away from being in-person and into a virtual delivery, and also to enable most staff to be able work remotely. All of this is being done to protect the Brock community.

What matters is that all Canadians in this country — and all communities — come together to support, hear and listen, and be kind to each other, especially to our elders.

There is a new normal ahead, how far ahead we don’t know, but all of our positive energy for the good to come will be the power that helps humanity. Turn your fear to smiling and laughing and positive thinking for all who need it in this hard time. Bring back storytelling; it is a very good way to bring families together.

The power of the spirit, body and mind that I have learned from Indigenous knowledge is not a cure, but can ease your fears and help you rest easily. We need spiritual, physical and mental health as well.

I say take care and stay safe, as best you can.


Best regards,

Shirley Cheechoo

Chancellor, Brock University

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