Brock undergrads get to rate their experience in NSSE 2020

Starting this week, some 9,000 Brock undergraduate students will be eligible to influence the University’s future by completing the National Survey of Student Engagement, commonly known as NSSE (‘Nessie’).

Participants also become eligible to win an Apple Airpods Pro or Amazon gift card.

Essentially a census for first-year and final-year undergraduates, NSSE is a powerful tool that helps universities and colleges across North America review and improve student engagement on their campuses.

The survey uses direct input from students to measure student engagement in three ways:

  • What the students do – how much time and time and energy devoted to educationally purposeful activities;
  • What institutions do – using effective educational practices to induce students to do the right things;
  • Does an institution successfully channel student energy toward the right activities.

On Feb. 20, Brock students eligible to participate will receive an email from the sender, “NSSE – Brock Student Survey.” It will direct them to a restricted-access web link where they will find the survey.

Anna Lathrop, Brock’s Vice-Provost, Teaching, Learning and Student Success, said Brock uses NSSE feedback to identify aspects of the undergraduate experience, inside and outside the classroom, that could be improved through changes in policies and practices.

“NSSE is an important tool that allows us to ask students how they feel about their overall academic experience at Brock,” said Lathrop. “Their responses will help the University determine areas for strength and where we wish to improve.

“For example, our Institutional Strategic Plan has identified four primary areas of academic excellence, and when we ask questions about level of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student research opportunities and a supportive campus environment, we have greater insight about how to maintain and improve Brock’s outstanding student experience. Through the NSSE reports, we also see how we compare to other universities.”

In appreciation for participating, Brock students who complete the survey by April 8 will be automatically entered in a random draw to win one of two Apple AirPods Pro (value: $329) prize packs, or one of 15 Amazon gift cards worth $50.

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