Don’t be alarmed: Fire safety reviews and drills planned

Safety will be top of mind as Brock University dedicates two weeks to fire prevention.

Taking place across North America Sunday, Oct. 6 to Saturday, Oct. 12, Fire Prevention Week encourages all members of the community to be prepared in the case of a fire. Members of the Brock community are encouraged to review their work areas and walk escape routes to ensure they are prepared to exit if an alarm sounds. The week will also see two fire drills on Brock’s campuses to evaluate evacuation procedures.

Further fire drills will take place in all of the University’s remaining buildings from Tuesday, Oct. 15 to Friday, Oct. 18. Fire drill locations and times will not be announced in advance; however, there will be no disruption from a fire drill during the Fall Convocation ceremony Friday, Oct. 18.

During drills, the alarm system will be activated, and Brock officials will observe and compile reports. All occupants should adhere to standard fire evacuation procedures, be familiar with procedures for persons requiring assistance, follow directions provided by emergency wardens and supervisors, and vacate areas as quickly as possible.

George Bench, Brock’s Manager of Emergency Management and Life Safety, said reviewing fire plans and practising fire safety and drills is essential for campus safety.

“A plan is only good if people are aware of it and it is practised,” said Bench. “Without doing an exercise such as a fire drill, it would not be reasonable to expect people to know what to do in the case of an actual emergency.”

Bench said his team will use the results of the exercises to continue to improve the fire safety processes.

“The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our number one priority,” he said. “Reviewing our fire safety plans, evacuation efforts and equipment are the best way for us to be ready.”

Before Fire Prevention Week begins, emergency wardens are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the fire safety plan applicable to their area(s) and to complete the emergency warden training module on Sakai, found under the Health and Safety heading within the ‘Tests & Quizzes’ area. The training is available to all staff and faculty. If an emergency warden does not have access to Sakai, they are asked to email for assistance.

For more information on the planned fire drills or Fire Prevention Week, contact Bench at x3130 or or Health, Safety and Wellness at x7233 or

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