Tips to stay safe in the summer heat

With summer weather around the corner, Brock’s Health, Safety and Wellness team is reminding the University community to stay safe as temperatures rise.

Heat stress can happen when hot, humid conditions and physical activity overcome the body’s natural cooling system. Heat-related illnesses can quickly escalate from heat exhaustion to heat stroke or even death.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness so action can be taken if necessary.

While elderly individuals and children are typically most susceptible to heat stress, everyone should take precautionary interventions during waves of hot and humid weather conditions.

Beat the heat with these preventative measures:

  •       Keep drapes and shades drawn to avoid radiant light from entering the room.
  •       Turn off lights, computers and other equipment when practical and safe to do so.
  •       Wear loose-fitting and light clothing.
  •       Limit the amount of time spent in direct sun exposure.
  •       Acclimatize and adjust your pace to the work environment.
  •       Be aware: Do not overexert yourself.
  •       Drink enough liquids before, during and after tasks to support your level of activity.
  •       Drink 250 millilitres of water or electrolytes every 20 minutes when sweating or activity levels are high.
  •       Take a break to cool down.

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