Tips to prevent slips, trips and falls in winter weather

Dust off those grippy boots. Although it’s not yet officially winter, Niagara’s first snowfall of the season last week caused slippery conditions for pedestrians.

Brock’s Office of Health, Safety and Wellness is reminding members of the Brock community to be mindful of snow and ice in walking areas and parking lots. The risk of slipping, tripping and falling can increase in winter weather conditions, particularly during storms when snow accumulation is significant.

Some tips to avoid injury this season:

  • Don’t rush or travel too quickly for the walking surface conditions
  • Wear appropriate footwear for the outdoor conditions
  • Pay attention to your surroundings while walking
  • Don’t take shortcuts through non-pedestrian/non-designated areas, such as snow banks or unclear paths
  • Carrying large objects can obstruct your vision and limit your ability to brace yourself in a fall

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to report slippery conditions on outdoor walking surfaces to Facilities Management customer service at 905-688-5550 x3717. Outside of regular business hours, urgent slip and trip circumstances can be reported to Campus Security Services at 905-688-5550 x3200.

If an incident, injury, near miss or health and safety hazard is observed, report it to a person of authority such as an area supervisor or Brock employee. Circumstances should be reported through an injury/incident report. Completed reports and questions can be directed to Occupational Health and Safety Specialists Dan Pozzobon or Brian Dzurban via or x7233.

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