A-Team students preview Goodman experience

More than 50 future students got a unique preview of the Goodman School of Business on Sunday, April 8 at A-Team, an event hosted by the business school in conjunction with Brock’s Spring Open House.

The event is an experiential opportunity for a limited number of Goodman’s top undergraduate business and accounting applicants to experience the business school through a campus tour, guest speakers and mock lectures delivered by Herb MacKenzie, Associate Professor of Marketing, and Omar Roubi, Lecturer of Accounting.

“The students we invite to A-Team are a wonderful representation of the brightest minds that are coming into university,” said Goodman School of Business Dean Andrew Gaudes.

“We would be extremely proud for any of them to become part of our community as students. We know that they will contribute to our classes and community exceptionally well and will go on to help build our economy with their abilities, energy and innovativeness.”

No one knows the A-Team experience better than first-year accounting student Dhvani Shah.

The Niagara Falls native, who celebrated her 19th birthday Sunday, attended A-Team last year and was selected to speak at this year’s event after a full year of high co-curricular involvement and engagement.

Shah joined the Goodman Accounting Students’ Association as soon as she started at Goodman and took on the role of Executive Vice President for the student club in January. She’ll be starting at DJB as a co-op student in an early work term next month.

She said the A-Team event played an important role in her decision to attend the Goodman School of Business.

“I knew a bit about Goodman and the structure of the accounting program, but what solidified my decision was meeting some of the people I’d actually be in school with. I felt at home with them,” she said. “I felt like they were the people I would be comfortable working with and learning alongside.”

In a presentation to future students, Shah described her first-year experience as part of the Goodman community and how she successfully transitioned from high school to university life.

“While I was considering different business schools, Goodman’s sense of community stood out to me. Throughout my first year here, I’ve never felt alone because there’s always help when you need it.”

“I wanted to share what I learned in my first year and how I battled some of the stresses I experienced, like whether I would know how to study properly or find my way around campus, because the university experience is so different from high school,” she said, adding that there is always help available.

“Rarely are you going to have to battle something on your own at Brock.”

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