Education students get a head start at Career Information Day

For students about to graduate, making the move from classroom to career can be daunting.

In hopes of gaining a leg up during the transition, close to 500 of Brock’s graduating Consecutive and Concurrent Teacher Education students attended the Department of Teacher Education’s Career Information Day at the Hamilton Campus on Wednesday, Jan. 17.

For teacher candidates, it was a valuable opportunity to make connections and explore their options for the future.

“It’s a chance to learn different things you hadn’t heard before that you can prepare for or to learn about initiatives in school boards you’re interested in,” said Stefanie DiSimoni, a second-year Consecutive Teacher Education student who hopes to teach high school math.

Students like DiSimoni could explore opportunities with representatives from close to 60 Ontario school boards, private schools, First Nations school boards, out-of-province school boards, international schools, and international hiring agencies.

For some students, those opportunities manifested quickly, with interviews happening and offers being made at the event.

Brock students and graduates have made a positive impression on exhibitors.

Sarah O’Shea of TimePlan, an international recruiting agency, was impressed by the professionalism students displayed while visiting her booth.

Natasha Davey (BA ’14, BEd ’14) complimented the skills of the Brock graduates she’s worked with through her role as Teacher Development Manager at Teach for Canada.

“Students have an ability to apply what they learn at Brock about pedagogy practices,” said Davey, who graduated from Brock’s Concurrent Teacher Education program in 2014. “They make learning goals visible and use scaffolding to make learning accessible.”

Students were carefully prepared for the day by Faculty of Education staff, explains Dorothy Buchanan, Co-ordinator, Professional Development for Students, Recruitment and Retention.

“Brock’s success in teacher education is built on having a rich, comprehensive academic program and strong relationships with educational partners,” she said. “Most of our exhibitors say our students ask good questions and are prepared. They have a deep knowledge of teaching and learning that comes through when they are speaking with potential employers at this event. We’re so proud to see them launch their careers.”

Brock and Faculty of Education departments were on hand to make that launch easier, whether through information on further education or resumé help from Co-op Career and Experiential Education. Brock Alumni Relations offered free LinkedIn profile headshots as well as information on services available for Brock graduates.

As for the students, they’re prepared and passionate about the career path they’ve chosen.

“Brock has prepared me to go out as a new teacher,” DiSimoni said. “The experience-based learning has been the best. It’s very hands on. We have great profs who share their real-life examples about how they solve things in the classroom.”

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