New BUSU executive ready to tackle goals

A new team has taken the reins of the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), bringing along ambitious goals its members are eager to tackle.

The 2017-18 executive is approaching the job with a single focus in mind — to deliver the best student experience possible.

“No matter what we do or how we approach our work, we’re here for the students,” BUSU President Faisal Hejazi said.

It’s a sentiment Vice-President Student Services Maddy Wassink quickly echoed.

“Immersing ourselves with the students is how we learn more about them, what they need, what they don’t like and what we need to do to improve their student experience,” she said.

The executive team knows firsthand the importance of making the most of university life by volunteering, working on campus and participating in extracurricular activities and varsity athletics.

Nadia Bathish, Vice-President External Affairs, believes those experiences will guide the executive in making decisions and fulfilling their platform promises.

“Everything from commitment to hard work and teamwork is definitely essential for accomplishing my goals as an executive, as well as BUSU’s overall goals in representing more than 18,000 students,” Bathish said.

Aidan Hibma, Vice-President, Finance and Administration, said the group’s passion for making a lasting impact, dedication to the organization and desire to bring about change is motivation to keep pushing forward.

BUSU’s previous executive has helped to institute several significant changes over the past year, including extended library hours during key academic periods, flat-rate taxi service, the BUSU loyalty card and sustainability initiatives.

The new team plans to work to expand the list of services by introducing an on-campus grocery store, open educational resources and a mobile clinic for device repairs, in addition to revamping the Student VIP health and dental plan.

Providing free weekend parking and running a referendum to expand the Brock fitness facility are also on the group’s list of priorities.

They intend to work closely with senior administration and key representatives across campus to achieve their goals — although they know it won’t happen overnight.

While the goals may not be fully accomplished by the time the executive’s term in office is complete, the team takes pride in knowing they’re taking steps toward assisting future Brock students.

“It’s not about us, it’s about leaving a legacy behind for the future of the students,” Hejazi said.

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