President’s Surgite Award winners honoured

Ten outstanding Brock University graduate and undergraduate students are being recognized with the 2016-17 President’s Surgite Award.

The annual award recognizes students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in a student club, organization, association or team; done something exceptional that helped to advance Brock’s academic reputation; made a significant contribution to student life at Brock; or provided a valuable service to Brock or the Niagara community.

The winners were honoured during a reception hosted by Interim President Tom Traves on Wednesday, April 5.

“We have tremendous students at Brock and they all work really hard, but we know in a large community of students some go above and beyond anything that’s ever expected of them,” Traves said during the reception, where he spent time thanking the award winners for their contributions.

He called it important for the University to recognize leadership among the student body and to show appreciation for outstanding efforts.

“It’s about saying, ‘You’ve really done something special. You’ve contributed to the development of the University. You’ve contributed to the quality of student life at the University and bettered the lives of those in the Brock and broader community,’” he said. “We want to recognize that work and say ‘Well done. Bravo.’”

The President’s Surgite Award winners each received a certificate of achievement and $1,000.

2016-17 President’s Surgite Award winners:

  • Christopher Paul Yendt, graduate student, Master of Education, Administration and Leadership in Education
  • Leona Yiu, graduate student, Master of Business Administration, Business Analytics
  • Ryder Damen, third year, Biological Sciences
  • Caitlin Muhl, fourth year, Medical Sciences
  • James John Hall, third year, Kinesiology
  • Kylee Ledwez, fourth year, Medical Sciences
  • Megan Elizabeth Brown, fourth year, Medical Sciences
  • Rachel Easterbrook, fourth year, Child Health
  • Shabana Jamani, third year, Medical Sciences
  • Joshua Black, PhD candidate, Psychology, Social/Personality

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