University bringing together three departments to create Brock International

Brock University is committed to being an International leader and having an impact around the world.

This leads to a two-way exchange of people coming in and going out from the Brock community.

With more of our faculty and students engaged in international activities such as student exchanges, international field courses, and research and development projects as well as more faculty and students from around the world choosing to come study and research at Brock University, internationalization is one of Brock’s important strategic priorities.

To better serve Brock’s commitment to internationalization, the University is bringing together three separate departments currently overseeing various international programs and initiatives under the heading of Brock International.

James Mandigo, Vice-Provost, Enrollment Management and International, will oversee the new Brock International, which will include International Market Development, English as a Second Language and Brock International Services under one reporting umbrella.

“This is about ensuring that current and future Brock students from around the world are fully supported and feel included and connected across the University community. While at the same time, we are recruiting new students and supporting our current students from around the world to be successful, we also want to make sure that all of our students, staff and faculty from across the University have an opportunity to be actively and positively engaged as global citizens both at the local level and in places around the globe,” he said. “To do this, we need to ensure our Brock International team is working together and supporting each other towards this common vision.”

As enrolments by international students continue to rise at Brock , and as more students and faculty are engaged in international initiatives around the world, having a strong Brock International to support them is critical.

The first step in this process will be the posting for a new Director, Brock International. The successful candidate will provide leadership across the three departments and be instrumental in developing and implementing a strategic plan for internationalization in consultation with the University community and other key stakeholders.  

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