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Crafting a concise and detailed resume is no easy task, especially for a beginning teacher.

Education, practicum and teaching experience, professional development, additional qualifications – it all has to fit, and it all has to stand out in one of the most competitive job markets in the province.

With few hard and fast rules for resume building, plotting out an impressive resume can be an arduous task, with confirmation of its memorability and impact coming only in the form of an interview.

“Many students struggle with how to format their resume, what information to include, and how to articulate their skills and experiences to potential employers,” says Kara Renaud, Resource Co-ordinator and Faculty Liaison with Career Services at Brock. “This is especially true for individuals entering a new field with minimal work experience. “

Fortunately, for Brock University teacher candidates, the Department of Teacher Education and Career Services has developed a handy new tool to help kick-start the application process.

With a new online resource that incorporates input and advice from external employers, a new resume-building platform was designed to assist students in producing a stand out, must-read resume.

“What’s unique about this tool is that it includes the voices of hiring principals from across the province,” says Dorothy Buchanan, Partnership Co-ordinator in the Department of Teacher Education. “Brock benefits from the supportive relationships we have with school boards. They want graduates to have strong resumes that reflect the knowledge and experience educators need.”

Beginning with face-to-face conversations and then engaging in a survey, Buchanan and Renaud advanced the exploration of the beginning teacher resume with principals from across the province.

The online resource uses a good, but not great, resume as a starting point. Students are guided to the areas where critical improvements could be made. These learnings can then be applied to the student’s personal resume to improve its effectiveness.

“Often students think that their resume needs to include their life’s history,” says Renaud. “This isn’t the case. Employers, in this case principals, are looking for a tailored document that speaks to the requirements of the job. Individuals looking for work must consider the employer’s perspective when crafting their resumes. Critically reflecting on past experiences to draw out relevant skills and accomplishments is an important step in the resume building process.”

Students can choose to attend a presentation, workshop, or one-on-one sessions to gain further information or support for their resume.

“It’s actually a really exciting time in education. New technologies and pedagogies are transforming classrooms into 21st century learning hubs,” says Buchanan. “Our graduates have the knowledge and experience to lead those classes. The job market is competitive, but students who choose to access the professional development options offered by Brock and the Department of Teacher Education, are well positioned to begin their career.”

Career Services welcomes students from all faculties to utilize their drop-in services for resume help. They offer a variety of helpful resources and on-the-spot resume reviews for immediate feedback.

Students can access the workshop on

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