Volunteers sought to help incoming international students improve their conversation skills

International Services is looking for volunteers to help non-English speaking students coming to Brock University with their conversation skills.

The Conversation Partners Program provides students who have English as an additional language with opportunities to build confidence and to practice and improve their conversation skills by partnering them with volunteers who have English as their first language.

The English Conversation Partners Program is also a great way to make new friends on campus. The program is looking for:

  • Volunteers: Current Brock students who have English as their first language who would like to share Canadian culture and in return learn about new cultures.
  • English Conversation Learners: Current Brock students who wish to practice their English conversation skills.

The partners meet for one hour per week for face-to-face conversation and are encouraged to go out and explore the region. The time and place will be arranged by the partners.

This program will run throughout the school year (September to August). At the end of the year, volunteers are encouraged to submit their hours to the program co-ordinator so the time can be recorded in ExperiencePlus.

For more information about the program, click here.

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