Brock-based water research network launches new funding competition

Water economist Steven Renzetti.

Water economist Steven Renzetti.

The Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network, a national research initiative headquartered at Brock, has launched a new funding competition for research projects in the run-up to World Water Day on March 22.

Eligible researchers may apply for two and a half years of funding under three priority research areas: “Water and Economy”; “Institutions and Community” and “Knowledge and Decision-Making.”

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The network funds a cross-Canada network of social scientists to work with partners from communities, governments, First Nations, non-governmental organizations and industry all over the country. The research focuses on the social, economic, and political dimensions of water.

“Together, the researchers and their partners identify challenges, conduct practical research and propose solutions for more efficient, equitable and environmentally sustainable management of Canada’s water resources,” says water economist Steven Renzetti, the network’s scientific director.

“These solutions can be readily adopted by local governments, or put in place by local water managers, for example,” he says.

World Water Day on March 22, 2015, acknowledges the imperative for people to work together locally and globally to address water challenges. This year’s theme is Water and Sustainable Development.

Questions that network researchers are exploring include: How can community stakeholders work together to share water resources and meet local needs? What are the gender implications of water conservation policies? How can such policies be improved to promote more equal access to water in Canada?

Since 2012, the Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network has funded more than 20 research projects together with the network’s partners.

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