Application of larvicide for mosquito control set to start

Blood thirsty mosquito on human arm

From July 21 to Sept. 12, 2014 Brock University will run a larviciding program under the authority of the Region’s Medical Officer of Health to control larval mosquitoes and prevent the possible spread of West Nile virus.

The larvicide Methoprene will be applied by direct hand application into catch basins at Brock University-owned and leased properties in Niagara. The biological larvicide Bti may be placed by direct hand application into selected bodies of surface water, such as ditches and ponds, depending on results of tests for the presence of mosquito larvae.

Signs will be posted at surface water locations where Bti is applied. All larvicides will be applied by Ministry of the Environment-licensed applicators.

For details on the exact locations and dates of treatments, please contact Facilities Management Customer Service at ext. 3717 or by emailing Facilities Management.

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