Investment legend and chancellor debates Goodman student


Brock's chancellor Ned Goodman (right) and Goodman School of Business student Johnathan Holland debated during a 50th anniversary event in Toronto.

A lively debate between Brock’s chancellor Ned Goodman and Goodman School of Business student Johnathan Holland drew a crowd of more than 160 alumni to downtown Toronto.

The annual Toronto Goodman Alumni Network Event was held in RBC’s 40th floor lounge and hosted by the Goodman School of Business and the Goodman Alumni Network. The April 2 event was part of Brock’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Within 36 hours the event was sold out as alumni jumped at the chance to witness one of Canada’s most successful investment counsellors go head-to-head with an undergraduate business student. Holland, a third year Bachelor of Business Administration co-op student and winner of Goodman’s Monster Pitch entrepreneurship competition, and Chancellor Goodman spent almost 40 minutes debating questions about the value of gold, equities versus bonds and the currency war. The debate was moderated by alumnus Steven Latinovich (MBA ‘05, BSM ‘03).

For Holland, who is concentrating in finance, the debate was “an amazing experience”.

“The idea of discussing finance with a man who is very successful in his field was more exciting than it was nerve-racking,” said Holland. “When you are a true finance major you are always willing to bounce ideas off other investors, it just comes naturally. ”

And while the debate was the main attraction of the evening, the event turned into a celebration of the strong connections between the primarily Toronto-based attendees and their alma mater. Don Cyr, dean of the Goodman School of Business, was impressed with the passion that alumni showed for staying connected and involved with the Goodman Alumni Network.

Cyr, in his opening remarks, spoke of the audience as the “champions for the Goodman School of Business,” as he reminisced about last year’s celebration of the naming of the Goodman School of Business.

“A year ago we met in the same location to celebrate the naming of the school of business,” said Cyr. “Since then the pride and enthusiasm for Goodman has been increasing exponentially.”

Brock President Jack Lightstone reminded the alumni of the importance of their network, as he called on them to continue to strength their relationship with Brock and Goodman.

“You have a lifelong relationship with every student that will study at Brock University and at Goodman,” said Lightstone. “Their success as students, and our success as a university, will continue to add value to your degrees.”

For an evening where finance and investment were the main topics of conversation it was fitting that the crowd left the event with one really good investment tip: Invest in Goodman. Cyr believes it is an investment that will pay off.

“The Goodman School of Business, our students and our graduates are intertwined,” explained Cyr. “If we have done our job right, you will want to give back. We all have a role to play and together we will make the Goodman School of Business the business school of choice.”

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