Campus project to gather info for new asbestos-location system

Starting next week, a consulting firm will be conducting room-by-room inspections on campus in order to update the University’s inventory records for asbestos.

Consultants from Pinchin Environmental will begin their inventory work next week and will continue over the next six to eight months.

“Pinchin Environmental will be assessing, sampling and analyzing materials in buildings that may contain asbestos,” says Dan Pozzobon, the project’s lead contact from Brock’s Health, Safety and Wellness unit. “This includes floors, mechanical systems, ceilings, ducts – any place that may contain asbestos.”

This update to the building material survey will assist Brock in the safe handling, control of, tracking and the management of asbestos-containing materials on campus.

The project follows the University’s recent purchase of a new software system that will track asbestos locations in buildings on campus. It is also a requirement of Ontario’s health and safety legislation.

Mackenzie Chown is the first building scheduled for inspection. The work in that building will begin next week and take approximately a week to complete.

Occupants of buildings slated for future inspection will be notified as they are scheduled. But in most cases, individuals will notice very little activity or disruption.

“There will be consultants on-site, sometimes accompanied by our staff and in rare instances, they will set up containment materials in some areas,” says Pozzobon.

“Proper precautions and controls will be in place in accordance with applicable legislation to eliminate any risk of exposure,” he says. “The health and safety of building occupants at the University will be our top priority throughout this initiative.”

If you have any question or concerns, contact: Dan Pozzobon, environment, health and safety officer, at x5994.

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