Emergency system testing at Brock during reading week

Next week during reading week, Brock officials will be co-ordinating an upgrade and test of the University’s emergency notification system.

The work will take place over three days from Wednesday, Feb. 19 to Friday, Feb. 21 and could impact emergency communications systems in various areas around campus.

“Occupants on campus next week will experience activation of the emergency notification system at various points during the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,” says Rick Fraser, emergency preparedness and life safety officer.

“We’re going to attempt to keep the interruptions to a minimum,” says Fraser. “This work will improve our ability to effectively communicate across the entire campus as well as to specific buildings.”

Wednesday will consist mainly of behind-the-scenes work, but both Thursday’s and Friday’s tests could get loud.

Testing will include activating University-wide messaging systems as well as building-specific systems such as digital signs, PA systems, voice mail, email and text messages.

The warning notice “Test, test,” will preface all audio and video messages related to this planned test exercise. Messages that do not include the “Test, test” warning should be treated as a real emergency and appropriate action should be taken.

Any test messages received via voice mail, text or email can be deleted.

Representatives from Campus Security, Information Technology Services and Residence Life Staff (in residence only) will be on hand during testing to respond to questions.

Campus Security may also be contacted at any time during the testing at x3200.

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