Brock grads make the grade in job market: survey

More than 92 per cent of Brock graduates had found employment within two years of graduating and 82 per cent were in fields related to their studies, a new survey has found.

More than 92 per cent of Brock graduates had found employment within two years of graduating and 82 per cent were in fields related to their studies, a new survey has found.

In Ontario, university graduates have better employment rates than those with other levels of education. And when it comes to getting jobs, Brock University grads are a cut above the provincial average.

New independent research on undergraduate university programs shows that more than 92 per cent of 2010 undergrads were employed within two years of graduation.

At Brock, the employment rate was 92.8 per cent two years after graduation, and 82 per cent of those Brock grads said their jobs were related to their university studies.

The survey, conducted for Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities by CCI Research Inc., also found the average salary for university graduates in full-time employment was $49,277 two years after graduation, up from the average $42,668 earned six months after graduation.

Brock President Jack Lightstone said the report reflects the University’s reputation and its depth of experience opportunities like work placements and internships. Brock has the third-largest co-op program of any Ontario university, and the largest business and economics co-op in the province.

“We’re proud of what this third-party research says about Brock,” said Lightstone. “It’s a clear case of facts trumping the rhetoric being floated in some quarters about the value of a university education.”

Murray Knuttila, Brock’s Provost and Vice-President Academic, said the survey “makes a clear statement about the quality of education at Brock, and the quality of our faculty members.”

View the survey results for Brock University graduates compared to the provincial results

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9 comments on “Brock grads make the grade in job market: survey”

  1. Ashley says:

    “Within 2 years…” lol. Not good enough.

  2. Rick says:

    @Ashley, That is all i could think about while reading this ..

  3. Ted S says:

    I agree Ashley. . . to me it should be much higher over a two year span. What does it look like after one year would be a better indicator I think.

  4. Brittany says:

    Within 2 years is pretty good considering it’s only an undergrad, and they are becoming more common. Most people need to further their education to get jobs, because an undergrad will only get you so far! Especially considering the economy we are living in. More people nowadays need to travel out of their hometowns simply to find work, so a 92% success rate within 2 years is pretty darn good! Great job Brock!

  5. AC says:

    Hardly an unbiased study: “COU is a membership organization of 21 publicly assisted universities in Ontario. It works closely with the provincial and federal governments to shape public policies that help universities deliver high-quality programs for students and advance the research and innovation that improves the social, cultural and economic well-being of Ontarians.”

    A study funded by 21 publicly assisted universities in Ontario think you should go to a publicly funded Ontario university.

    I am interested in what finding a job “somewhat related” to your field of study actually means. Only 50.1% find employment “closely related” to their field after a year and 55.1% after 2.

  6. Ed says:

    92% within 2 yrs as a “Brock undergrad” that’s like Canada finding a cure for cancer think of it this way your competing with UFT, MAC, York, etc… It would be bad if you graduated from them, but for Brock it’s like your 1992 car still running with no repairs. It’s incredible!

  7. guidance counsellor says:

    These stats look great on the surface but if you look at what they are based on only 36.1 per cent of undergrads surveyed actually responded to the survey…a little over 1/3 of the total.
    Maybe those that did actually had jobs? Is data generated from only a 1/3 of the total number of undergrads considered statistically valid?

  8. ariel says:

    Looks like I’m part of the minority that STILL hasn’t found a job 2 years after graduation. Woe is me, and bigger woe is the niagara region and ontario as a whole, since there are no jobs here.

  9. Koray says:

    Well, the statistics look good; but on the other hand there’s still room for improvement for sure. Brock is comperatively a young university and doing a pretty impressive job from my point of view.